Performing Arts BC Provincial Representatives

 2018 Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival – Victoria BC

The Cowichan Music Festival is sending the following participants:

 Junior Classical Voice – Gillian Duta

          Grace Brigham – Merited Participant

 Intermediate Classical Voice – Bryn Posey

         Jamieson Wickham - Merited Participant

         Timothy Cameron - Merited Participant

 Junior Musical Theatre  -  Reuben Broadway

         Sierrah Borjeau - Merited Participant

 Intermediate Musical Theatre – Megan Holt

          Alexandra Platt – Alternate

 Senior Musical Theatre – Alison Bendall

 Junior B Piano - Sadie Wood - Merited Participant

 Intermediate Piano –    Jizelle Balae

             Madeleine Thomson – Alternate

             Maia Copley – Merited Participant

 Intermediate Strings – Noah Mellemstrand

 Ballet I  -  Mikayla Burgess

 Ballet II -  Kayla Henry

              Clara Keefer – Merited Participant

 Modern I -  Christina Noon

              Maya Campbell – Alternate

 Modern II -  Kassidy Beaudry

               Tamara-Faith Mitchell – Alternate

 Stage Dance I – Brittany Behan-Millard

                 Hannah Smith – Alternate

 Stage Dance II – Alora Killam

                Mara Morris – Alternate