Cowichan Music Festival 2019 Syllabus

2019 Syllabus and Entry fees.

Please note:
It is very important to download and read all files in each category to ensure you have correctly submitted your entry.  Also note that each section has its own Entry Form! There is no Speech Arts Section.


Entry Forms this year have fillable boxes including the back of the Dance form for entering names of dancers in group dances.  You can enter your information in the boxes, then print the form and mail.  (Sorry, we are unable to accept them by email, as we need to receive your cheque at the same time.). A purple box should show on each line as you drag your cursor over it. Click in the box and start typing. If the purple box doesn't show, just click on line.  Tab from box to box, or click in each one.

Please download this section first
General Rules, Performance Rules, Entry Rules, Entry Fees and Age Levels page, and British Columbia Festival Competition page.
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Dance Syllabus >>
Dance Entry Fees >>
Dance Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>

Instruments Syllabus >>
Instrument Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>
Instruments Entry Fees>>

Piano Syllabus >>
Piano Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>
Piano Entry Fees>>

Speech Arts

Speech Arts Syllabus >>
Speech Arts Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>
Speech Entry Fees>>

Vocal/Choral Syllabus >>
Vocal/Choral Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>
Vocal Entry Fees..

Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre Syllabus >>
Musical Theatre Sample Registration >>
Registration Form >>
Musical Theatre Fees >>

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